About us

Creating a world-class centre of excellence for the safe and lawful use of cryptoassets.

We consult on regulatory strategy and compliance, advise on public policy, architect regulatory frameworks, draft laws, educate officials, conduct audits and investigations, and develop Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and technical standards.

Modern bridge.

Building a bridge between the public and private sectors.

Our experience working with governments, regulators and some of the world’s largest crypto businesses allows us the unique opportunity to foster a productive dialogue between the public and private sectors.

Striking a balance between stability and innovation.

We are committed to steering public policy in a way that supports innovation and fosters a sound, stable and globally cooperative approach.

Spirit level.
A working desk.

Providing proactive, pragmatic solutions.

We help crypto businesses succeed by promoting sensible practices and inventive solutions that manage risks and ensure compliance with regulatory obligations without compromising on commercial objectives.

A team of exceptional people with unparalleled expertise.

Our founding partners are all former regulators with years of practical experience in cryptoasset strategy and policy development –a rare commodity in such a nascent industry.

Giving public and private sector entities the confidence to make well-informed, risk-based business decisions.

As cryptoassets rapidly fall within the scope of financial regulatory regimes, greater efforts are needed to comply with regulatory obligations. The VASPdata platform provides clients access to the timely, accurate regulatory reference data they need to perform proper due diligence on those they do business with.

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