Private Sector

As experts, we distill down and execute the regulatory and compliance strategy that’s right for you based on the distinct needs of your business.

We have advised some of the largest crypto businesses, NFT and DeFi platforms in the world on matters of regulatory strategy and compliance with a proven track record of success. We have helped our clients find the best homes for their businesses by securing them licenses and authorisations across the UK, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia and enabling them to introduce their services to new markets.

Our Services

Our Services
Jurisdictional Analysis

Based on the unique objectives and intended activities of each client and their target market jurisdictions, we assess applicable regulatory requirements, market initiatives and macroeconomic policies to recommend the most suitable jurisdiction(s) to become licensed or authorised to conduct cryptoasset activities.

Licensing & Authorisation Support

We support the application process for the licensing or registration of a client in a chosen jurisdiction. This often includes entering into pre-submission discussions with the relevant financial services regulator, completing application forms, a business plan, financial projections, and capital calculations, formulating required policies and procedures, and liaising with the client and regulator to project manage the application process from start to finish.

Regulatory Compliance

Relying on our regulatory expertise, we assist board of directors, senior management, Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLRO) and compliance personnel to assess and meet both current and forthcoming regulatory obligations in any jurisdiction in which they operate. We keep clients informed about new and changing regulations that could impact their business and offer routine, regular, or ad hoc advice relating to regulatory and compliance matters, and assist with corporate actions including change of ownership or control.

Policies & Procedures

We assist clients in the drafting and reviewing of policies and procedures to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions where they operate or intend to operate.

Risk Workshop & Assessment

We assist clients in the preparation of business risk assessments to identify money laundering, terrorist financing, and proliferation financing threats and vulnerabilities. We review the proposed control measures, determine whether any further measures are required, and prepare a report outlining the relevant risk factors and an assessment of the vulnerabilities relevant to the client.

Independent Audits

We assist clients in meeting their regulatory obligation to undertake independent, non-financial audits in relation to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies and procedures, risk management frameworks and governance arrangements.

Training & Education

We provide training and education to staff, directors, and responsible individuals at a client’s company to ensure they have the necessary tools, skills and understanding of cryptoassets and the industry in relation to regulatory requirements, risk management and matters of compliance.