Public Sector

We build cryptoasset policy and regulatory frameworks that manage risks, nurture innovation and are aligned with international standards.

As former policymakers and financial regulators, we have high-level expertise driving, shaping and implementing policy. Our deep understanding of the workings of regulatory bodies is combined with a profound technical knowledge of crypto and distributed ledger technology.

Our Services

Our Services
Policy Development & Regime Building

We work closely with government ministers, senior government officials, policymakers and legislators to achieve policy objectives, introduce, implement and adapt regulatory regimes and provide clear advice and pragmatic solutions. We guide our clients through the multiple, complex regulatory and legislative instruments to help them understand how regulated sectors and regulators operate.

Licensing & Supervision

We support the design and employment of internal governance structures, risk-based authorisation and supervisory frameworks and controls that will assure all stakeholders that risks are being managed and objectives are being met. We provide senior regulators with strategic and policy advice informed by global trends, market initiatives, macroeconomic policies and national objectives.

We help identify the most suitable national competent authority (or establishing a new competent authority) to authorise and supervise cryptoasset activities and ensure that it is equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and resources, to do so safely and proportionally.

Needs Assessment & Training

We work with the public sector to build capacity by conducting needs assessments and providing training and education to governments, regulatory bodies, and financial intelligence units (FIUs) to ensure their staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to make well informed, risk-based decisions and confidently and safely investigate and regulate cryptoasset activities and cryptoasset service providers.

FATF Compliance & National Risk Assessments

We assist governments and national authorities in identifying, assessing, and evaluating the money laundering and terrorist financing risks that cryptoassets and cryptoasset service providers present to their jurisdiction in order to inform National Risk Assessments, and facilitate the delivery of risk-based legislative and regulatory responses.