Nicky Gomez

Nicky Gomez

Senior Partner

Nicky is one of the founding Partners at XReg Consulting. As the risk and regulatory compliance lead, he works to develop and implement risk-based, outcomes-oriented cryptoasset regulatory frameworks and strategies that mitigate risk and leverage smart innovation. He is also specialised in helping clients determine the best jurisdiction(s) to become licensed or authorised based on their product and service offering and the unique needs of their business.

In 2022, Nicky relocated to The Bahamas where he heads up the XReg office in Nassau and leads on the development of XReg’s presence in the Americas. As the co-Chair of the Global Digital Finance (GDF) AML working group, he works alongside industry experts to shape global cryptoasset regulatory standards that mitigate risk and encourage innovation.

While at XReg, he has provided strategic regulatory advice to some of the largest crypto businesses in the world and successfully secured his clients licenses and authorisations in Europe, Gibraltar, the Caribbean and Asia. He has also worked extensively supporting governments and international public bodies with national risk assessments and the development of national regulatory frameworks.

Prior to founding XReg, Nicky developed a reputation for his pragmatic approach to regulation during his time at the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). As Head of Risk and Innovation, he was part of the team that led the design and implementation of the world’s first bespoke regulatory framework for firms that use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). While at the GFSC, he actively supported the development of new markets and activities in Gibraltar and was responsible for the authorisation and ongoing supervision of a wide range of financial institutions.