Alexandra Walters

Alexandra Walters

Head of Marketing

As the Head of Marketing at XReg Consulting, Alexandra (Ally) is responsible for the development and execution of the brand, marketing and communications strategy of the XReg group.

Prior to joining XReg, she worked as a Brand Communications Director at a crypto start-up where she accumulated real-world experience navigating the world of marketing through the lens of FinTech and crypto compliance. She advised boards and CMOs on branding, content marketing and acquisition strategies, conducted due diligence on partners and marketing agencies, and developed regulatory business plans alongside a team of executives and advisors.

Ally has spent the greater part of her career immersed in digital media. Before entering the world of crypto, she ran her own brand communications consultancy in Berlin where she built and launched 50+websites, executed successful fundraising campaigns, produced events and exhibitions, and represented creatives in the fields of art, fashion, music, and other disciplines throughout the US and Europe.

Prior to moving to Berlin, she worked in strategic business and marketing roles at start-up companies in San Francisco and New York across the fields of consumer technology, music, advertising, editorial, art and entertainment. She has extensive experience advising businesses on fundraising, operational strategy, design, marketing, content creation, PR and product development.