MiCA Explained: the EU’s new crypto-asset law

The second edition of our MiCA report outlines what crypto-asset businesses need to know to prepare for forthcoming requirements.


Editor’s Note: This report was updated on 13 June 2023 to note MiCA's final text was published on 10 June 2023 in the Official Journal of the EU.

The second edition of our concise, comprehensive report on Europe’s new crypto-asset law is here.

Since the Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation (MiCA) was proposed by the European Commission more than two years ago and we issued the first edition of our report, the crypto-asset market has evolved, and so have the scope, requirements and implications for crypto-asset issuers and service providers.

If your crypto-asset business is based in Europe (with or without a license or registration) or based elsewhere (and interested in establishing an EU presence or servicing EU customers), it will be fundamental to understand the 400+ pages of MiCA in order to effectively tap into the EU market, the world’s largest crypto economy.