Crypto-assets subject to TradFi regulation in Europe

An analysis of ESMA's draft Guidelines on the qualification of crypto-assets as financial instruments under MiCA


On 29 January 2024, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published its proposed Guidelines for the qualification of crypto-assets as financial instruments. These Guidelines apply to crypto-assets that are not stablecoins i.e. asset-referenced tokens (ARTs) and e-money tokens (EMTs). They were set forth to aid the National Competent Authorities (NCA) and market participants in differentiating between assets falling under the scope of:

  • the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), the EU's legal framework for investment intermediaries, securities markets and trading venues,
  • the Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation (MiCA), the EU's legal framework for issuers of crypto-assets and other service providers, and
  • those currently out of the scope of EU law.

Assets may be classified by NCAs into the following categories:

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Editor’s Note: An updated version of this report was published on 8 February 2024

[2]Crypto-assets under MiCA refer to all assets in scope of the Regulation, which include utility tokens, e-money tokens and asset referenced tokens.