Juan Manuel Garrido

Head of Financial Intelligence // LATAM Lead

XReg Senior Consultant, Juan provides our clients with strategic advice and technical assistance in the development and implementation of regulatory frameworks, in compliance with AML/CFT policies.

Juan is a lawyer specializing in compliance and AML/CFT. He is certified by the Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), and has been appointed as a Country Evaluator assessing the level of technical compliance and effectiveness of countries AML/CFT systems pursuant to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards.

He has a broad strategic vision of the financial system as well as the prevention and fight against economic crimes. Juan is well experienced in information analysis, financial intelligence and investigation, risk management, development of policies and projects at national and international levels, technical assistance and crypto-assets.

Juan has extensive work experience in the banking sector and remittances of funds arena. He was a technical expert in the Analysis Division of Argentina’s Financial Intelligence Unit, where he worked, since April 2014, in the production of financial intelligence and provided assistance to the Judiciary and the Office of the Public Prosecutor in ML/TF investigations and predicate crimes.

He was later promoted to lead the UIF International Relations Division working team. Within this team, he participated in many FATF, GAFILAT and Egmont Group plenary meetings, contributing to various projects conducted by their own working groups. During 2019 he was also a member of the National Committee for the Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (ML/TF).

Juan has also provided consulting services for banking and microcredit entities and associations in Latin America.

Throughout 2020, he worked as a Legal and Technical Advisor at the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, leading the Financial Innovation Commission, and taking part in the development of regulatory frameworks and policies.

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