Design, Drafting and Implementation of Regulatory Frameworks

Our goal is to support governments and national authorities in the design, development and implementation of effective legal and regulatory regimes, that promote the safe use of virtual assets and virtual asset service providers (VASPs). Our focus is in creating frameworks that are aligned to international standards, effective at managing regulatory risks and nurturing of innovation.

Having architected, drafted and implemented Gibraltar’s outcomes focused DLT framework, we are well placed to help our clients identify gaps in their existing regulatory regimes, and draft their own frameworks suited to their own ambitions and objectives.

At XReg we can help identify the most suitable national authority to authorise and supervise virtual asset activities and ensure that it is equipped with the necessary tools, skills and resources, to do so safely and proportionally. This includes assisting in the design and employment of governance structures and controls that will provide assurance to all stakeholders that risks are being managed and objectives are being met.

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