We have years of experience driving and shaping financial services regulatory policy in a number of jurisdictions. We strategise and work with policymakers and legislators on how best to achieve the policy objective as well as on how to introduce, implement and adapt regulatory regimes. We have worked very closely with Government Ministers, senior Government officials, senior officials in regulators, regulated firms, etc.

We have been instrumental in the development of micro and macro financial services regulatory policy in a number of areas, with a particular focus on virtual assets and virtual assets service providers.

At XReg, we are all ex regulators with a deep understanding of the workings and thinking of regulatory bodies, as well as regulated products and services. We also have experience working in other sectors such as legal, banking, compliance, AML and technology.

We guide our clients through the multiple and complex regulatory and legislative instruments to help them understand how regulated sectors and regulators operate.

Our holistic and high level strategic thinking and expertise in detailed legislative and regulatory policymaking puts us in a very strong position to provide you with clear and precise advice, as well as coming up with pragmatic solutions. Our clients benefit from our experience in being heavily involved in making key policy decisions, having driven the policy agenda successfully and effectively implementing policy.

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